Sentinel Application Server

Constantly monitors train locations and sends warnings to workers when indicated.

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TrakSentinel Beacon

Provides track workers with audible and visual alerts when trains breach the pre-defined geo-fence perimeter.

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TrakSentinel Vehicle

Turns a HiRail vehicle into an alert beacon with its own dynamic geo-fence perimeter.

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TrakSentinel App

Creates a geo-fence boundary around Android/IOS smart devices, turning them into a personal alarm for approaching trains.

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How the solution works

Server diagram

Sentinel Application Server Manages the TrakSentinel network of Beacons, Apps and Vehicles in real time

The Sentinel Application Server (SAS) forms the heart of the TrakSentinel enhanced awareness solution.

Real Time Monitoring & Alerts

SAS is a software application that constantly monitors and tracks train movements on the rail network, triggering alerts to workers if a train breaches a pre-defined worksite geo-fence perimeter.

Simple Config & Management

In addition, SAS acts as a global configuration and management tool to set up all beacon and geo-fence parameters.

Full Graphical User Interface

Once the static, app and vehicle beacons have been deployed, operators can use the full graphical user interface to:

  • Track train movements
  • View active beacon locations
  • Perform diagnostics
  • Manage audit trail
  • Manage primary & secondary geo-fence boundaries
Screenshot of the server app

Configurable for circumstances where train tracking is not available

Where existing train tracking is not implemented, the SAS can receive train detection alerts from TrakSentinel Beacons configured in trigger mode.

Should rail operators wish to implement GPS tracking to their existing fleet, this can be easy accommodated by installing TrakSentinel GPS transceivers on board each train.

TrakSentinel Beacon Deployed at the worksite, the beacon emits audible and visual alarms to alert workers of trains approaching.

TrakSentinel Beacon is designed to be deployed on the rail corridor to provide both audible and visual alerts to workers of trains approaching the worksite.

Each beacon can be configured to provide two independent levels of alerting, each corresponding to a separate geo-fence violation.

In this manner, track workers are afforded the maximum level of situational awareness by receiving both a pre-alert and main alert alarm when a train approaches the work site.

TrakSentinel Beacon

Reliable Operation

TrakSentinel Beacon utilises sophisticated watchdogs to constantly monitor the health, status and communications with the SAS to ensure reliable operation at all times.

Fail-Safe Mode

In the event of an operational issue or communications failure, TrakSentinel Beacon will revert to a fail-safe mode, advising track workers of its current status.

Full Audit Trail

All alarms and alerts require operator acknowledgement, ensuring a full audit trail is maintained by the SAS.

Solo Worker Pendants

TrakSentinel Beacon communicates with optional solo worker pendants, carried by trackside personnel to provide personal alerts of geo-fence violations. The solo pendant can double as a duress/man-down alarm, notifying a protection officer that a worker requires assistance.

Flexible Geo-Fence Config

Each geo-fence boundary is independently configurable via the SAS software for maximum flexibility.

Trigger Mode - Train

In Trigger Mode, a TrakSentinel Beacon becomes a train detection device, alerting the SAS when a train breaches its location. In this way, the Beacons are used to define the geo-fence boundaries, or supplement a train detection device to validate current location data.

TrakSentinel Vehicle Advanced train detection system for in-vehicle and trackside personnel protection

TrakSentinel Vehicle is an advanced vehicular train detection system for the protection of in-vehicle and trackside personnel operating both on and off the rail track.

TrakSentinel Vehicle can be operated either in static or dynamic mode.

Static Mode

In static mode, TrakSentinel Vehicle emulates a stationary trackside beacon. TrakSentinel Vehicle interfaces to the car horn, headlights and blinkers, enabling a parked vehicle to provide the audible and visual alerts of an approaching train to track workers on the rail corridor.

Dynamic Mode

However in dynamic mode, as in the case of a HiRail operating on the rail track, TrakSentinel Vehicle creates a dynamic geo-fence which moves with the vehicle. In dynamic mode, TrakSentinel Vehicle constantly updates the SAS with its coordinates and should the vehicle breach the static beacon’s geo-fence, it will trigger that beacon’s alarm, just as if it was a train.

In the situation where a train breaches the HiRail vehicle dynamic geo-fence, the vehicle operators will be alerted both audibly and visually allowing them to clear the vehicle off the track before a collision can occur.

TrakSentinel App TrakSentinel App is a smartphone application which turns your mobile device into a temporary personal beacon.

The TrakSentinel app on a phone

TrakSentinel App supplements the overall worksite protection afforded by the TrakSentinel Beacon and provides an additional layer of personal protection and alerting to individual workers.

TrakSentinel App is particularly beneficial on worksites where track workers may be operating some distance from the primary beacon.

How it Works

TrakSentinel App creates a protective geo-fence boundary around your Android or IOS smart device, turning it into a personal beacon.

Should a train breach the geo-fence, the worker carrying the smart device is alerted via an audible and vibration alert sent from the SAS.

Additional Layer of Safety for Temporary Worker Access

TrakSentinel App can be used as a supplementary safety measure for workers requiring temporary access to track, to enhance the effectiveness of existing track access procedures.